baltimore bed bug lawyer

Baltimore Bed Bug Lawyer

Bad news, Baltimore: Baltimore has ranked #1 on Orkin’s annual report on the cities with the most bed bugs.

Bed bug reports have increased in recent years as travel gets cheaper - bed bugs travel from hotels and the public into your home, which can cause stress, injury, and trauma to you and your family.

Bed bug infestations usually are due to negligence from the hotel, landlord, or furniture rental store.

Bed Bugs can result in damages and losses for you, including monetary, physical, and psychological.

If you find you have bed bugs in your home, or in your Baltimore hotel, contact the professionals at Bed Bug Damages today to find out how you can be represented today.

What Should I Know About Bed Bugs?

Professionals at the Baltimore City Health Department say that bed bugs are sometimes mistaken for ticks or small roaches. Bed bugs can be as small as an apple seed, have an oval-shaped body, and are reddish-brown.

Professionals at the University of Maryland Extension say that bed bugs appear throughout all stages in bed bug infestations. Bed bugs eat blood and can go long periods of time between feedings.

Due to the fact that bed bugs can survive long periods of time without having to feed, it is possible that a bed bug infestation occurred before you moved into your apartment, home, or hotel. This can be especially true if the property was vacant before you moved in.

Many property owners and landlords try to get out of their responsibility of dealing with bed bug infestations by saying that the new homeowners or tenants brought the bed bugs into the dwelling when the tenants moved in - looking to avoid legal responsibility.

No matter if the bed bugs tagged along with you after a stay in a Baltimore hotel or if you move into a property that has a bed bug infestation, the existence of bed bugs on the property is negligence. Contact the professionals at Bed Bug Damages today to see how you can be compensated for your injuries today.

What To Do If You Think You Have Been Bitten?

If you think that you have been bitten by bed bugs, you should check the bed immediately.

You want to take photographs of anything you find, as well as your injuries. Search for bed bug nests, bloodstains, or fecal stains.

Seek immediate medical treatment for your bed bug bites. Keep all records from your stay in Baltimore, such as your medical records, location, date and time of the event.

Bed bug injuries can interfere with your sleep, and can cause injuries, trauma, and more. Speak with Bed Bug Damages professional on helping you to resolve a claim without filing a lawsuit.

Look for bed bugs in closets, furniture, along baseboards, in bedding, and behind art on the wall. If you find that you have bed bugs or bed bug bites, you may have a case in Baltimore.

Signs of bed bugs include: small bloodstains on the sheets; small dark spots; a musty odor; and bed bugs along the seams of your mattress.

No matter how clean your own home is, your home could become infested with bed bugs if the landlord or hotel management you stay at are negligent.

Negligence is the main reason bed bugs are on the rise in Baltimore. Owners of establishments fail to take precautions in preventing bed bugs, and they will infest a hotel or home. Bed bugs are very invasive - they’ll crawl into apartments, homes, hotels - if you might want to live there, they might want to too.

Bed bugs normally travel via suitcases. Landlords usually claim that tenants bring the bed bugs via their bags, but they can go weeks without meals and can hide - and stay hidden - for quite a long time.

When a bed bug bites you, it can take days before you notice because the bugs inject an anesthetic and anticoagulant into your skin when they bite. Additionally, the bites look similar to that of a mosquito.

While some people may have no or very little reaction to a bed bug bite, others may be severely allergic to them and experience symptoms such as swelling, anaphylaxis, or permanent scarring.

Hotel owners and negligent landlords can - and should- be held liable for your bed bug infestation. It can be difficult to see if you have bed bugs. It can be even harder to find out you have a bed bug infestation until it’s too late.  Contact Bed Bug Damagestoday to learn more.

Damages I Can Receive In Baltimore

There are both non-monetary and monetary damages that could be awarded to you in Baltimore. Talk with professionals Bed Bug Damages today to find out if your case qualifies.

Non-monetary damages include fear of sleep due to being bit, emotional anguish for the situation, stress, and psychological damages.

Monetary damages would cover the actual losses you incur due to a bed bug infestation. Losses could include the medical expenses and prescription costs you incur from being treated. Lost wages due to medical appointments or illness are also monetary damages you could be awarded. Other costs, such as having to replace your personal property, as well as the professional cleaning and extermination of the bed bug infestation, can also be sought.

You should discuss what you could be owned with your Baltimore lawyers so that you can gain a clear idea of what your bed bug case would be.

We will arrange a free consultation - contact the professionals in Baltimore at Bed Bug Damages today to learn more.