jacksonville florida bed bug lawyer

Jacksonville Florida Bed Bug Lawyer

Bed bugs can live just about anywhere. They are not limited to dirty homes or to places that are neglected and not cleaned often. Bed bugs can infest the nicest hotels, the swankiest apartments and any space where there is bedding or soft materials to live in.

If you have a bed bug infestation that is the result of a neglectful hotel owner, a landlord, or any other person Bed Bug Damages can help you to build a solid case so that you can get compensated for your trouble and for the hassle and embarrassment that comes with a bed bug infestation.

Where Did My Jacksonville Bed Bug Infestation Come From?

Bed bugs are notoriously wily and hard to get rid of. Coming in contact with bed bugs one time is enough to get a full blown infestation in your home as they do breed very quickly and they do tend to live through most treatments that you can have done. Bed bugs travel from one place to another in suitcases, in purses, in shoes, and in the clothes that you are wearing.

You can get an infestation from just about any place that has bed bugs. This means that the four star hotel you stayed at a week ago that had an infestation may be the cause of the bed bugs that are now in your home and making you itch.

Bed bugs are common and they are hard to kill. Bed bugs also multiply very quickly so that one bug you brought home can easily turn into 500 or more in a few days. These infestations can happen long before you even know you have bugs as they also tend to hide and keep out of sight as they multiply.

Can Bed Bugs Make Me Ill?

There have been studies done that claim bed bugs do not cause illness. While they may not transmit illnesses through their bites, they are parasites. They can cause lethargy associated with lack of sleep from bites, loss of blood from bites, and pain and suffering from excess scratching and skin irritation.

Bed bugs have been found to be capable of transmitting at least 45 different pathogens though there have not been any cases where it was proven these pathogens have passed from bed bugs to humans. Bed bugs can interrupt your sleep, they can make your skin irritated, they can cause skin damage and can also make it hard to sleep and hard to complete your day to day.

How Do I know it is A Bed Bug Bite?

Bed bug bites are a bit different than other bites in that a bed bug is likely to bite one area multiple times causing welts rather than individual bites. They are also cause skin irritation around the area and can cause infection, fever, and even difficulty breathing. If you went to bed with no bites and wake up with them, you may have a bed bug infestation.

Bed bug bites can be very painful, they may be red and itchy, they may bleed, and they may be tightly grouped so that you cannot see the individual bites but rather large areas that appear to be a larger swath of bites. Bed bug bites are painful and are going to cause a great deal of pain for those that are suffering from them.

What Type of Compensation Can I Get for bed bug bites in Jacksonville Florida?

There are a few different types of compensation that you can get in regards to your bed bug infestation. The first is of course the recovery of costs associated with replacing bedding, furniture, carpets and more that have been infested by the bed bugs. You can also recover the cost of fumigating or treating for the bed bugs.

You can also recover time off of work, medical expenses and even pain and suffering from the embarrassment that the infestation caused you. You may also be able to get compensation for your sleep being disturbed as you are likely worried you are going to be bitten again. Bed bugs are pervasive and they do tend to take a great deal to get rid of. That being said, you are likely to use a great deal of money and resources to get rid of them.

For those that are struggling with a bed bug infestation in Jacksonville Florida, or if you were bitten by bed bugs in Jacksonville, you can contact Bed Bug Damages to find out what you can do to start the recovery process and to get your money and time back after you have to deal with an infestation.