los angeles bed bug lawyer

Los Angeles Bed Bug Lawyer

Los Angeles may be the city of angels and the home of glamour, but it still has bed bugs. Orkin's annual report said in January of 2018 that Los Angeles was getting worse as far as bed bugs, going up two spots from the previous year. It is now in fourth place among cities with bed bug problems.

An increase in cheap travel may be a reason for bed bugs being on the rise. Cheaper prices mean people travel more so there are more opportunities for bed bugs to hitch a ride. Bed bugs can be in hotels or public places and latch on to people, or onto luggage or other items belonging to people.  Bed bugs can attack any home no matter how clean it is. This can cause a lot of stress, an can cause physical and emotional injuries as well as trauma.

How to tell if you have a case

If you can determine that a bed bug infestation was caused by hotel management or a landlord, you may have a negligence case. If this is the situation you could recover damages if you had bites from a bed bug, Bed bug infestations can happen no matter how clean the property and may not be your fault. A Los Angeles bed bug lawyer can attempt to recover damages you suffered from a bed bug infestation.

How they got to Los Angeles

Negligence is the main reason there are bed bug infestations in Los Angeles. Negligent hotel or apartment owners fail to take care of their property or fail to take necessary precautions to prevent the problem.  Bed bugs can crawl into any small space.  Bed bugs can latch on to your luggage and travel with you. A hotel owner may claim you brought them with you, but that may not be true. Bed Bugs can go a long time without a meal and can stay hidden for weeks or months.

You may discover bed bug bites may just suddenly show up, or one morning you may wake up with bed bugs crawling on your body. You may also discover them when buying used furniture or renting furniture.  In many of these cases, negligence can be the problem.

Negligent landlords or hotel owners can be held responsible and can be made to pay for your damages. Los Angeles bug lawyers can help you make this happen.

How bad are bed bugs

Bed bugs can carry pathogens or germs that can cause sickness. The National Institutes of Health published a paper in 2011 that listed 45 candidate pathogens that could be carried by bed bugs. In 2015, the Public Library of Science discovered the pests can transmit Bartonella Quintana, which is an agent of trench fever and other diseases.

The American Academy of Dermatology says bed bugs can cause these symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Irregular or forceful breathing
  • Swollen tongue
  • Blisters
  • Fever
  • Sick feeling
  • Infection from scratching
  • Anemia (rare)

If you have any of these symptoms and believe you may have been bitten by a bed bug, call a Los Angeles bed bug lawyer as soon as possible. Send us the details and we will get on your case.

Damages you could receive

Los Angeles Bed Bug Lawyers strive to get as much as they can to recover your losses from injuries you may have suffered. You may be able to get monetary and non-monetary awards as the result of bed bug infestations in Los Angeles.

Monetary damages can be for medical treatment, professional extermination, prescriptions, furniture replacement, lost wages, and personal property replacement.

Non-monetary damages can be for things like psychological suffering, social isolation, embarrassment, and anything similar.

Los Angeles Bed Bug Lawyers offer a free consultation to talk about your pre-litigation bed bug case. Call us today so we can begin representation and perhaps recover your losses suffered as a result of bed bug infestation.