maryland beg bug lawyer

Maryland Bed Bug Lawyer

We may have thought bed bugs were a thing of the past, but apparently, they have returned with a vengeance to the state of Maryland. A lot of people travel to Maryland, and a lot of state residents travel, so there are a lot of opportunities for bed bugs to hitch a ride and get into all areas of the state.

In public places, and in buildings accessible to the public, you have a right to not be exposed to bed bugs bites, and diseases that could be caused by those bites. This includes hotel rooms, apartments, workplaces, businesses and homes you might rent. Our law office represents people in Maryland on a pre-litigation basis, and you can get a free consultation concerning your experiences with bed bugs. Injuries from bed bugs can take time to develop or to be discovered. Learning more about what they are how to recognize them could help you recover some damages and avoid future problems with bed bugs.

Do you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are very small, the size of an apple seed or smaller. They are dark red or brown in color, and their shape varies as they go through the stages of their life. The shape is also affected by when the bed bug last had a taste of someone's blood.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension service shows bed bugs in the various states of their life, as well as what infestations look like. Some say you cannot see bed bugs, but you can in some cases. Once you know what they look like and what they leave behind, you can figure out whether you have them in your home. Always look for signs of bed bugs when you are at a hotel, or when you buy items that could be infested.

Where did that bite come from?

It is hard to know where some bites come from because you discover them later. You can still determine if it was a bed bug. Mosquitos and spiders usually only bite once, but bed bugs bite a lot of times. A Mayo Clinic article explains that bites usually itch and are either in rough rows or clustered.

You can get a bed bug bite anywhere, but the face, arms, and legs are common areas for bed bug bites. You also may not know for several days that you have bed bug bites. Along with the bite of a bed but, a numbing substance is injected into the victim, so you will likely not feel a bite when it happens.

Are bed bugs in clean places?

Some may think bed bugs are only in dirty places, but this is not true. Anyone, any home, can get bed bugs no matter how clean. The EPA says bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and grime. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood. This is a target everyone offers, no matter how clean the person is.

Do bed bugs carry disease?

In the past, it was believed bed bugs do not cause or transmit disease. New information, however, indicates there is the potential for disease from bed bug bites and other secondary medical issues that could result from bites. A study at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine determined that bed bugs can transmit Chagas disease. Another bug, called "kissing bugs" can also transmit this illness that has the potential to be deadly.

What about lawsuits?

Law offices like ours handle Maryland bed bug cases on a pre-litigation basis. Most of the time you may settle your case without going to court.

Remember that bed bugs can cause physical injury, and cause financial loss and emotional distress. Hotel guests should never have to be concerned about bed bugs. Lawyers are here to help if you have that problem. If you have suffered injuries due to bed bugs, contact us to learn more about what pre-litigation means.

Contact us to learn more about your rights and potential recovery if you have lost property or been injured by bed bugs. You should not have to be concerned about bed bugs, and if they are found and cause you injury, you should be able to get some compensation.

Contact a Maryland bed bug lawyer for a free consultation. There we can discuss your case and how to go about getting compensation for your losses. We are here to help you get the compensation you deserve for having suffered bed bug damages.