nyc bed bug lawyer

NYC Bed Bug Lawyer

Did You Do Something Wrong?

Bed bugs have become a modern global problem. They can be found in every state, every major city, and in many public buildings. If you discover your home has a bed bug infestation, don't blame yourself. This is not a matter of judging you or your cleaning skills. The fact is, bed bugs can show up in any public building. They've been found in airports, hotels, movie theaters, churches, and hospitals. They are designed to sneak into luggage or other kinds of bags. They hide in the upholstery folds and joints where furniture is joined together. Their job is to be a parasite and to spread, and they do it well. So forget any embarrassing reflection on you or your home. Get the help you need.

Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC

You might have noticed these reddish-brown beetle-type insects in your home. They leave bloodstains and other dark stains around the edges of a mattress or box springs. The stains may be on or inside dressers or other furniture that is near the bed. Bed bugs tend to stay near their food source, and they tend to be nocturnal. This means they will be found under, in, and near the bed. It helps to do an online search so you see images of bed bugs. This gives you information which you can compare with the insects in your home. Exterminators, doctors, and health agencies can help you identify bed bugs.

These bugs drain blood from their victims. Within a few hours, the bites can become itchy.  For some people, the bites remain small and mild. Some people have strong allergic reactions to these bites. The marks may swell considerably, and they may take weeks to heal. Children and the elderly can have serious reactions to the bites from bed bugs. Besides the bites themselves, sufferers experience loss of sleep, overtaxed immunity systems, and anxiety. Possessions can be ruined, and some of these can be very expensive to replace. There are intensive DIY methods available for removing bedbugs from your home. It may be better to contact a professional exterminator for long-lasting help. If you rent or share a common wall with other residents, then you will need cooperation from everyone to successfully eliminate these parasites from your home. Finally, the long term emotional consequences need to be resolved for complete peace of mind.

Damages and Suffering

Once you have resolved a bed bug infestation, where do you go from there? You may have medical bills. Your furniture and bedding are ruined. You may be experiencing emotional trauma that is a result of sleep deprivation, worry, and stress.  Absorbing the financial loss along with lingering emotional challenges is not a good idea. This often leads to a chain reaction of other problems. The emotional and mental stress can affect your work status, productivity, safety, and health. Stress can impact close relationships. Financial problems can pile up. You don't have to face this alone.

What Can You Do To Resolve this Problem?

When you face the financial loss and emotional impact of a bed bug infestation, what do you do next? Perhaps you visited with a doctor for medical treatment. You might have consulted a professional exterminator to protect your home. So you understand the importance of experienced, professional help each step of the way. This is where we come in. Here at Bed Bug Damages, our experienced staff can help you regain a sense of control. We'll discuss your situation with you, examine any records you have, and inform you of the various legal options you may have available. We'll discuss possible damages such as physical pain and psychological suffering. You may face financial losses. You may have lost wages due to the infestation. Perhaps you had to find temporary housing during the infestation. We'll help you gather pertinent information, organize it for you, and tell you what kind of case you may have.

Should You Consider a Lawsuit?

Many people wonder if they should sue or not. These may not be your only choices. At Bed Bug Damages, we prefer to get you the compensation you deserve through pre-litigation methods. This is quicker, and you get the satisfaction you're looking for without a drawn-out legal situation. We've often resolved a case without ever having to file a lawsuit. Rely on our experience for dealing with bed bug damages in the New York City area.