Bed Bugs from Furniture Stores

It's scary to think you could bring home bed bugs with your new furniture, but it's possible. Get help now.

There is nothing quite so unnerving than realizing your home is infested with bed bugs. Even if you never put your luggage on the floor in hotel rooms and unpack outdoors after you travel, you are not immune to inheriting these insects. Bed bugs in retail stores are on the rise, meaning it is possible to bring an infestation home with you from anywhere, especially in new furniture. Here is what you should know.

Can Bed Bugs Live in New Furniture?

Bed bugs are not limited to hotel rooms anymore as cases of bed bugs in brand new furniture are on the rise. In fact, bed bugs in retail stores are becoming more common, especially in areas where infestations are going untreated. How is this happening?

Bed bugs cannot fly, but rather spread by crawling into small, soft spaces and laying eggs. A single adult bed bug lays between one and 12 eggs per day for a total of 200-500 eggs over the course of their life. A typical bed bug can live for up to 10 months and can go weeks without feeding on warm blooded creatures. These characteristics make them difficult to eradicate once they make themselves at home. But what we may not realize is that bed bugs can live anywhere, not just in places where people travel, like hotels.

Bed Bugs in Retail Stores

You bring home your new bedroom set from Ashley furniture bed bugs are suddenly a part of your life. What happened?

Or perhaps you purchased new furniture after bed bugs have been eradicated from your home only to find they are back. How?

The truth is, bed bugs can live anywhere. When they are not feeding on warm blood, bed bugs can be found in dark, warm, relatively undisturbed places. These may include:

  • Around the piping, seams and tags of a mattress, box spring, bed frame, or headboard
  • Between couch cushions
  • In the folds and rivets of curtains
  • Inside of drawer joints in new or used furniture
  • Where the ceiling and wall meet
  • In the heads of screws on new furniture that has been stored where there is a bed bug infestation

Furniture stores that do not take proper pest control precautions are especially vulnerable to bed bug infestations. As the insects travel on the clothing, shoes and handbags of those living in an infestation, they can spread to every mattress, couch, chair, dresser, end table, and headboard of every furniture store the person visits. As a result every other person that visits that furniture store and every delivery made from that showroom carries the possibility of an infestation.

"I bought furniture with bed bugs. Now what?"

Whether you bought a new mattress with bed bugs or found bed bugs in your upholstered headboard shortly after it was delivered, you are now dealing with an infestation in the walls of your own home. What do you do?

With cases of bed bugs from furniture stores on the rise, most retailers are taking precautions to keep bed bugs out of their showrooms and store rooms. Professional pest control prevention services offer periodic bed bug inspections and routine pest control in spaces that are prone to house bed bugs. However, treatments are expensive and are often viewed as unnecessary by smaller retail stores that assume since they maintain a clean space they are immune to a bed bug problem. Still, bed bugs from furniture stores are possible by virtue of the type of merchandise they carry.

Stores that are not taking active bed bug prevention measures are considered negligent if they sell bed bugs in brand new furniture. You may be entitled to compensation to cover the eradication of bed bugs from your home and replacement of any furniture that is affected by these insects. Rather than filing a complaint directly with the store, you may want to consider enlisting the help of an attorney.  Choose one who has experience helping people who are the victims of bed bugs from furniture stores. Save your receipts from the purchase, take time stamped pictures of any bites, enlist the help of a qualified bed bug pest control company, and call an attorney as soon as you suspect bed bugs have invaded your home.

If a store is taking proper precautions to ensure the safety of their product and you still wind up with bed bugs from their furniture, it may be more difficult to prove your new mattress is the root of your infestation. All the more reason to call a bed bug attorney to help you receive the compensation for property damage, missed time from work, medical expenses, and eradication of an existing infestation. Again, it is important to take time stamped pictures of any bites, save receipts from your furniture purchase and start eradication immediately with a qualified professional pest control company. Then, contact an experienced bed bug lawyer for further information and instructions.

Of you suspect you have been the victim of bed bugs from furniture stores, call today for your free consultation and let us help you get rid of these insects once and for all.